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Lambda Gaming: A Triumph at SiGMA Europe 2023

Posted: 18.11.23


Let us take you on a brief journey through the halls of SiGMA Europe 2023 in Malta, where Lambda Gaming claimed a resounding victory in the form of the Best Startup Pitch award. As we reflect on this remarkable achievement, join us in exploring the evolution that led Lambda Gaming to this remarkable triumph.

8Bit Games: Nostalgia unleashed

So, what's the buzz all about? Lambda Gaming wowed the crowd with 8Bit Games, a total game-changer in the iGaming scene. Picture this – a trip down memory lane. They've got it all figured out, tapping into that sweet spot of nostalgia that makes us reminisce about the good old days.

Millennials as a target audience

Lambda Gaming's strategy lies in its ability to tap into the nostalgia of the millennial audience. With 8Bit Games, Lambda Gaming aimed to create a bridge between the cherished memories of classic gaming and the modern allure of iGaming. The integration of these two realms formed the core objective, setting the stage for the recognition they would soon receive.

The Pinnacle: Lambda Gaming's Best Startup Pitch Award

It was a defining moment when Lambda Gaming's efforts culminated in the announcement: "Best Startup Pitch in the nomination goes to Lambda Gaming!" This recognition wasn't just a win for Lambda Gaming, it was a testament to our commitment to innovation and the vision behind 8Bit Games.


By infusing classic games with modern strategies and gamification methods, Lambda Gaming has left an indelible mark in the gaming landscape. Our innovative approach sets a precedent for the industry. Titles like 8Bitman, 8Bit Plinko, and 8Bit 2048 exemplify this seamless integration, offering a unique gaming experience that resonates with both seasoned players and a new generation of enthusiasts.

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