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Lambda Experience

Challenge the ordinary!

Our logo is now interactive.
By adjusting the handles below, you can create different formations and combinations.

We're always searching for new forms, so keep playing with us and explore the possibilities!

Monolyth Color

Reflection Color

Refraction Color

Animation Speed

Refraction Intensity

Monolyth Material

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Random Colors

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Lambda Experience

Our logo is now interactive.

Who we are

We love games as much as you do..
We also find joy in inventing them.
Constantly scouting the ever-expanding map of the industry for new ideas and experiences.
And most importantly - we challenge the ordinary with each new game.

How We Work

We don't wait for the future to happen - we go out and find it. And then, we present it to our customers as innovative gaming experiences.

Where Are We Heading To

We love what we do and want our products to be the best they can be. We create products people love by implementing gamification, storytelling, and great design. We constantly seek, explore, and monitor trends and customer requirements to stay ahead of the curve.

Isle of Man

Official Certfification

Lambda games hold certification provided by Isle of Man






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We're always looking for talented and ambitious individuals to join our team! If you're looking for a challenge: